Table on Table on Table (2018)

Table on Table on Table is an auditory/dance performance piece that tells the story of a queer immigrant, Tapan, as he struggles to choose between making a home in Philadelphia, where he feels safe in his queerness, and taking care of his mother, who he discovers, is dying of cancer in India. As Tapan decides, his mothers cells divide and divide and divide. Meanwhile, characters from the audio move throughout the space, sharing an abstracted story in the physical world of an aging Philadelphia attic.

This piece is created by Sarah Marks Mininsohn and Shreshth Khilani. Sarah choreographed the movement, and Shreshth wrote the narrative. 

Broad Street Review described Table on Table on Table as "a poignant piece of movement shows how spoken word and physical expression can come together to chronicle separation and loss." It further described Sarah's choreography as "elegantly intimate...communicating how people can be physically close but emotionally distant."

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