GET OFF / starry-eyed lizard duets (2017)

starry-eyed lizard duets explores the queer and pleasurable aspects of excessive spectacle and frivolous artifice, aspects that have been disavowed by many dance critics on the left. It is a collaborative work, as the world is intertwined with the world of GET OFF, a piece by Rick Hong Manayan exploring queer utopia. The pieces were choreographed and presented in conversation with one another, in order to bridge two unique queer worlds.

Choreographer and theorist Katja Kolcio describes Sarah's choreography:

"Mininsohn subverts deeply sanctioned societal assumptions around power, pleasure and agency. But the performance itself is far from a dry political rant- Mininsohn’s dances are rich, full-bodied, adventurous expeditions, that venture toward the extremes of physical experience, expression and visual indulgence."

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