Restage Reset Retell (2018)

Restage Reset Retell is a structured improvisation by Sarah Marks Mininsohn and Rick Hong Manayan, exploring specific experiences of moving through a time of expedited transitions. With a short rehearsal period, the piece emulated the experience of being in the studio with one another, and illuminated conversations about transitions outside the studio. In a time of stark transitions, Sarah and Rick found solace through conceiving of the self as both becoming, and unbecoming, with the dancing body serving as our vessel for this communication. Reprising the femme lizard goddesses of their recent collaboration, GET OFF / starry-eyed lizard duets, they continue probing the potentialities of queering the spaces around us through camp and parody.


The piece was choreographed and performed by Sarah and Rick at the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI).

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