Perfect Match; choreographer; University of Illinois and MARSH; Urbana, IL and St. Louis, MO, 2019          


Noogie; co-choreographer and performer; self-produced at Penn Alexander School, with         additional performances at Icebox Project Space, FringeArts, and Headlong; Philadelphia, PA, 2019


Table on Table on Table; choreographer and co-director; self-produced; Philadelphia, PA, 2018


Cabbage Head; choreographer and performer; self-produced; Philadelphia, PA, 2017-2018


Embarrassing Friends; choreographer and performer; Community Education Center;  Philadelphia, PA, 2017           


Restage Reset Retell; co-choreographer and performer; Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation;  Seattle, WA, 2017          


GET OFF/starry-eyed lizard duets; choreographer and performer; Wesleyan University Center for the Arts; Middletown, CT, 2017


Attentive Abandon; choreographer and performer; Commissioned for Wesleyan University Zilkha Gallery in conjunction with Clarissa Tossin’s Stereoscopic Vision; Middletown, CT, 2017


Be Hold Me; choreographer; Wesleyan University Center for the Arts; Middletown, CT, 2016


Let Simmer; choreographer; Wesleyan University Center for the Arts Middletown, CT, 2015                 

Cold Feet; choreographer; Wesleyan University Center for the Arts; Middletown, CT, 2015    




Rein in Minor Mourning; performer (c. Kaitlin Fox); Stock Pavilion; Urbana-Champaign, IL, 2020                   


Love Sucks; performer (c. Rachel Rizzuto); Urbana-Champaign, IL, 2020                                                  

Landlab Residency; performer and collaborator (c. collaboration between Dance Exchange   and The Schuylkill Center); The Schuylkill Center; Philadelphia, PA, 2018

Performance Research with Leah Stein; performer (c. Leah Stein Dance Company); Race         Street Pier and Leah Stein Dance Company’s Spring Fundraiser; Philadelphia, PA, 2018


Car Alarm Dance; performer (c. David Brick, Andrew Simonet, and Amy Smith); Performance Garage; Philadelphia, PA, 2017

Growing Our Own Gardens; performer (c. Matthew Cumbie); Dance Exchange Summer         Institute; Washington, D.C., 2017


Between a Rock and a Soft Place; performer (c. Rick Hong Manayan); Wesleyan University; Middletown, CT,  2016


Storied Places; performer (c. Nicole Stanton); Wesleyan University; Middletown, CT; 2015